10 Minutes with Sean Monahan Today Improv

I HAD AN ABSOLUTE BLAST improvising “10 Minutes with Sean Monahan!” Thanks to Anshu Daga for the suggesion of “Million dollar arm.” Stick around as Sean and I talk about so many good things: why he started improvising in college at William & Mary (spoiler: because of a dare from a crush), the HUGE impact that small school had on improv, playing the Harold as a short form game and one of my favorite improv moments ever, the one where he was Joan. Sean is an amazing performer and teacher and is effortless on stage. He never panicks, makes huge, bold choices and plays such interesting characters. I love playing either short form or long form with him. We talked about finding your place in the show, also, which involves letting your ego go. As he says, it gets easier as you get older. Sean is one of the owners of M.i.’s Westside Comedy Theater and runs Westside Corporate Creativity, one of the world’s leading companies using improv skills and technque to connect ideas, people and objectives through creative collaboration. I can’t recommend them enough. Like and follow both pages!

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