10 Minutes with Nick Armstrong Today Improv

I had SO MUCH FREAKING FUN improvising “10 Minutes with Nick Armstrong!” Thanks to Luke Zwanziger for his suggestion of “Jaguar.” Stick around after the scene as we talk about how improvisors and artists are essential workers leading the way, his wonderful work with Improv Utopiaand why you should ALWAYS make the wrong choice in a scene. Nick is a valued member of the improv and sketch comedy community. He was a member of the The Groundlings Theatre’s esteemed Sunday Company, former Artistic Director of M.i.’s Westside Comedy Theater and now a co-owner and managing director of Voodoo Comedy in Denver. He’s a great sketch and improv teacher with numerous TV and film credits and has performed throughout the world, entertaining hundreds of thousands of people. He is a joy to play with and likes me, loves making big deals out of the minutiae of the scene. I had a blast and couldn’t stop laughing thinking about our scene. Check him out on Facebook and at Voodoo Comedy. Also, if you can, donate a few bucks to Improv Utopia, they do great work to help other theaters survive in this climate.

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