10 Minutes With Adrian MacKinder Today Improv

I had so much FREAKIN’ FUN improvising “10 Minutes with Adrian Mackinder!” Thanks to Daniel All-around Goodguy Teilmann for the suggestion of “the last expedition.” Stick around after as we talk about the time he died on the operating table, performing standup vs improv and how he overcomes the nervous feeling he gets when he improvises. Adrian is one of my favorite people to improvise with and we had a ball. We always take little diversions in the scene, explore it a ton, then get back to the main story. I love playing that way. He is an amazing author who wrote the upcoming soon-to-be best selling book, “Stan Lee How Marvel Changed the World.” Check out his website http://www.adrianmackinder.co.uk/​. Follow him on Facebook and also like his 2 person group with Sarah McGillion called If These Walls Could Talk.

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