10 Minutes with Peter Margaritis Today Improv

Had SO MUCH FUN improvising”10 Minutes with Peter Margaritis Csp.” Thanks to Nathalie Cadieux for her suggestion of “profound.” Stick around afterwards as we talk about The Second City Cleveland, how improv changes lives off stage, and how we need to practice what we preach, especially to those closest to us. Peter is such a fun person to play with and makes it so easy. He gives gifts left and right and never engages in arguments. He knows improv is all about finding the joy in the scene and it shows. I am a big fan of his. He’s also known as the “Accidental Accountant” and is a world-renowned public speaker and author of two great books, “Taking the Numb out of Numbers” and “Improv is No Joke.” Check out his website https://petermargaritis.com/​ and listen to his two great podcasts about improv, Improv is No Joke and Change Your Mindset.

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