10 Minutes with Noah Levin Today Improv

WHAT A JOY RIDE IMPROVISING “10 Minutes with Noah Levin!” Thanks to Piotr Barański for the suggestion of Donkey Corleone. Stick around after the scene as we talk about what brought Noah to Barcelona, the improv scene in Barcalona, what it’s like putting a theatre’s curriculum online, and what classes he’s enjoying teaching now. Noah is a skilled performer and a joy to play with and he makes so many strong moves, as you can tell in our scene together. He’s someone that makes it easy to play with and I loved it! He is a world-renowned teacher and runs the Barcelona Improv Group and the The BIG IF – Barcelona Improv Festival. It’s one of the best festival experiences in the world and I highly recommend it. It’s been postponed til November 2021 and you should all go. Check out their website https://www.barcelonaimprovgroup.com/​ and sign up for a class today!

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