10 Minutes with Gillian Bellinger Today Improv

LOVED SO MUCH improvising “10 Minutes with Gillian Bellinger!” Thanks to Sam E Mark for his suggestion of “notes.” Stick around after the scene as we talk about character improv, where her inspiration comes from and why being open to notes can only help. Gillian is one of my favorite people on and off stage. She is fully committed to everything she does. We have played together many times and it’s always be fun. She plays characters from the voice and physiciality first and when I play with her, I mirror a lot of her choices and play bolder characters than I might normally do. We played several different characters and jumped around a bunch. It was so fun. Check out her website www.gillianbellinger.com, follow her on Facebook, Twitter (@gillianbelz) and on Instagram (@GillianBellinger), where she has an ongoing cooking/comedy show with a great orignal theme song “Quarantine/Quaratime MealTime!”

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