10 Minutes with 10 Minutes Gosia Róża Różalska Today Improv

I had an amazingly fun time improvising “10 Minutes with Gosia Róża Różalska” Thanks to Declan Hannigan for the suggestion of “Using potatoes as a food or the basis of vodka. Discuss.” Stick around afterwards as we talk about art’s role in society, and how to get a boar out of your backyard. Gosia is so well respected as a teacher and performer and is just the best. I always have fun playing with her and she’s such a giving performer. She brings such joy and warmth and you can’t help but to smile when you’re around her! Check out her website http://rozalska.com/​, where you can also listen to her podcast Kreatura. Also, follow her on Facebook, IG @rozalska.improv and on Twitter @rozalskaimprov.

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