10 Minutes with Bill Chott Today Improv

What an absolute joy improvising “10 Minutes with Bill Chott”! Thanks to Rick Haylon for the suggestion of “time flies.” Stick around as we talk about online improv, the global opportunities and share a a couple of games and exercises you can play today! Bill is the person I’ve improvised the most with in my life. He and I met playing with CSz Theater Chicago and have been in a duo since 1995, Zer0 H0ur with Bill Chott and Jay Sukow He’s amazing at characters, music, short and long form and audiences just love him. Follow him on Facebook and check out his twice daily Live Jive at 8am and 2pm LA time. Check out The Improv Trick for more info on his classes and watch his shows with CSz Los Angeles – Home of ComedySportz Los Angeles and CSz St Louis.

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