10 Minutes with Ankur Sardana Today Improv

I COULD NOT HAVE ENJOYED IMPROVISING “10 Minutes with Ankur Sardana” ANY MORE!!! Thanks to Bob Miret for the suggestion of “lipstick.” Stick around afterwards as we talk how the pandemic has leveled the improv playing field, what it’s like to improvise in another country when you don’t understand the animal someone is trying to play or the idiom they’re speaking, how places like Unexpected Productions, Jet City Improv and The PIT Improv helped him love improv and his thoughts on teacher v guru. Ankur is amazingly talented and brought such great gifts, emotions and HEART to the scene. Like he said immediately afterwards, “it’s over?? So soon?” It was such an easy scene to play because he was so patient and gave so many gifts. I can’t wait to play with him again. Follow him on Facebook and like his group Nautankibaaz Improv Comedy, who believes improv can change the world in an extremely positive, chaotic and comic way. (I believe that too!!!) They are doing free online improv jams, classes and more!

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