10 Minutes with Roy Janik Today Improv

What an wonderfully fun and easy to play “10 Munutes with Roy Janik!” Thanks to Jonathan Nguyen for the suggestion of “fat soluble.” Stick around as we talk about using truths from your own live in scene, narrative improv and why people shouldn’t do food surprises right as you’re eating something. Roy is an improv juggernaut and someone I’ve admire for a long time. I saw his group Parallelogramophonograph perform a French farce at the the big if 4 – Barcelona improv festival 2016 and was blown away. They are the premier narrative improv troupe. Check them out at https://www.pgraph.com/​. He is also a co-owner of Hideout Theatre in Austin, Texas. They are offering some amazing classes for only $10, which won’t last long. So take advantage of it now! I can’t recommend him or the classes enough.

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