10 Minutes with Ronald Harvey Today Improv

LOVED improvising “10 Minutes with Ronald Harvey​!”Thanks to Saurabh Srinivasan​ for the suggestion of “Dark age of computing” We had a blast! Stick around for the conversation afterwards where we talk about Italian sausages, what it’s like for him in Bulgaria, rehearsing virtually and more. Ron is from Chicago and is now based in Sofia, Bulgaria. He is just so damn easy to play with, gives so many gifts, plays moment to moment with the best of them. We met years ago and I value him and our offstage conversations so much. Plus, he’s the Dr. Ron from the segment “Dr. Ron asks” of a podcast I co-host with Landon Lee Kirksey​ called ImprovCast with Jay and Landon​. Follow him on Facebook, like his group Decent Freaks​ with Frances Ransome​ and The Brigadeers with Zlatin Tsvetkov​. If you are looking for a good improv coach or teacher, Ron’s your guy!

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