10 Minutes with Neil Curran Today Improv

What an incredibly fun and memorable “10 Minutes with Neil Curran!” Thanks to Louise Woods for the suggestion of “headset.” Stick around after the scene when we talked about Quantum Leap, playing physical even online and what an improvisor’s job is (to make everyone look good.) Neil and I have crossed paths for a long time but this is the first chance we got to play together and man, I really LOVED this scene. We didn’t talk for the first 8 minutes or so and it was so freeing knowing I was playing with someone who shows it when he says, “got your back.” We both knew that we could’ve played that out for a long, long time in silence. Also, we talked about the healing power of improv and Neil shared a few memorable stories about some of his past shows and how powerful improv can be. Neil is based in Dublin but travels around the world teaching improv to people and businesses. Check out his website https://www.lowerthetone.com/​ to learn more about his offerings. He’s world-renowned for his show Neil + 1, where he brings an audience member onstage to perform with him. He is the founder of Improv Fest Ireland, happening every November in Dublin, sans pandemic, Camp Improv Utopia Ireland with Nick Armstrong and can be seen on The Tightrope with Dan Novus, which you can watch on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/tightrope…​ Follow him on Twitter @ImprovNeil.

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