10 Minutes with James Wachtel

So much fun playing with awesomely cool and amazingly talented James Wachtel. Our suggestion was “Epiphany.” He is such a treat and gives so many gifts during this scene. He always looks like he knows what he’s doing even though he doesn’t–he’s just very aware and in the moment. You know, he’s improvising. I love playing with him and also watching him play. He is such a genuine person and performer and we talk about being genuine after the scene. I also talk about my buddy One Eyed Bob and a what my kids say to keep me positive. Follow him on Facebook and follow his fantastic group Zoo Improv. You can also reach them at zooimprov.com/zooimprov.org/zooimprov.net. I put these all of the “10 Minute with…” videos up on my Today Improv youtube page here: https://www.youtube.com/todayimprov​ If interested, the virtual tip jar is Venmo: @JaySukow PayPal: jay@todayimprov.com All proceeds go to the performers.

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