Improv Robots with Brian Magerko and the Expressive Machinery Lab

Dr. Brian Magerko is a Professor of Digital Media in the School of Literature, Media, and Cultureand a Human-Centered Computing faculty member in the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech. He is also the Graduate Director of the Digital Media graduate program at Tech.

He earned a B.S. in Cognitive Science from Carnegie Mellon University and a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Michigan. He taught as Assistant Professor in Digital Games at Michigan State University before joining the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2008.

Dr. Magerko’s work intertwines cognitive science, computer science, and computational media research, focusing on three concerns: a) better understanding social collaboration and creativity between humans and artificial intelligence; b) designing and developing computational media experiences that inform and/or entertain; c) using personal expression as a means of engaging the public—especially underrepresented populations—in computing. His study of creativity includes developing better formal representations of human creative socio-cognitive processes, and designing and developing technologies that represent and accommodate those processes.

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