Healing Improv with Gina Rickicki

From Humorology Atlanta to Gina’s Garbage Hour, this amazing human and improviser knows how to give and how to laugh. Gina Rickicki is a gift to the planet.

Gina Rickicki is an actor, improviser, and writer that has been kicking around Atlanta since moving down from New York City. Getting her BFA in theatre from Long Island University (Post) didn’t totally prep her for the shenanigans that have filled her roughly 10 years at Dad’s in one capacity or another. You may recognize her as Gia from “King of Pops”, the socially inept coroner Peggy from “Song of the Living Dead”, Diana from “Wrath of Con”, or any number of other scripted and improvised Dad’s shows over the years. She’s also worked with Stage Door Players, Horizon, Aris, Shakespeare Tavern, Theatrical Outfit, the Weird Sisters, and other theatres in Atlanta (soon to join Georgia Ensemble Theatre and Springer Opera House). She spends many of her days performing healing improvised humor in local children’s hospitals as a clown with Humorology Atlanta (Dr. TBD). Get your happy on, cause ain’t a damn thing guaranteed, friends.

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