Jill Bernard and a Giant Leap!

On today’s episode I speak with Jill Bernard, writer of “The Cute LIttle Book of Improv”, performer of the solo musical improv show “Drum Machine”, and education director of Huge Theatre in Minneapolis. Today we talk about the HUGE Theater fundraiser going on right now!

In order to secure the purchase and development of HUGE Theater’s new home at 2728 Lyndale Ave S in Minneapolis, we are undertaking a capital campaign to raise funds. Ultimately, we aim to raise $3.2 million over the next three years, which would fully fund the project and secure a home for Twin Cities improv in perpetuity. But the first and most vital milestone we need to hit is to raise $640,000 by September 1, 2019 for the down payment. 
We simply cannot move forward without that. But if we can secure at least that much, you’ll be amazed at what we can accomplish.

“So how can I help?”

1. If you already donate to support theater operations (through membership, Improvathon, Hangout auctions, etc), PLEASE KEEP DOING THAT! Even though we’re moving, we still have all the same operating costs we’ve always had, so your support is more vital than ever. Thank you!

2.Be one of the Thousand. To meet our down payment deadline, we are seeking 1000 donors to each contribute $1000 by September 1, 2019. All donors at this level will have a “brick” on our lobby wall, permanently commemorating their important gift. If that isn’t a mark you can hit on your own, consider pooling resources with a group to make a collective donation. (Wouldn’t your improv team’s name look great on that wall?)

3. If you, your family, or your organization are in a position to make a major gift ($5000+), please let us know. We would love to meet with you to discuss it further. This is a chance to make a giant, permanent impact for an entire artform and community, and there are naming rights opportunities available.

4. If you need to spread a donation over time, let us know. We can help you arrange a donation pledge and set up recurring payment.

5. Are you employed by a company that would be willing to make a donation, or to match a donation from you or others? Give it an ask! And let us know if we can help.

6. If you know someone who is sitting on a big pile of money — friends, relatives, family friends, colleagues —  talk to them about the campaign and how much HUGE means to you. Encourage them to donate. We’d be happy to talk with them about it.

7. If you’re NOT sitting anywhere near a giant pile of money, we still invite you to donate to the capital campaign within your means. Every contribution matters.

8. If you have expertise related to fundraising or capital campaigns and would like to donate that, let us know!

10. Get the word out about HUGE and this campaign any way you can. Social media, emails, phone calls, conversations at family gatherings, media connections… Whatever you’ve got, we need your voices!

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