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This week we welcome in Michael Kim and Talley Tals to talk about personality types, forms, and why you should never know if you’re being recorded…when performing! Not in general.

Michael is an actor, improvisor, and stand-up comic living in Los Angeles. After graduating college and working marketing jobs that sucked the soul out of his being with a straw, he decided to trade it all for the pursuit of happiness. He is happy. He is unstable. He is Hunstable. Goosfraba.


Talley is a unicorn. She was born and raised in Los Angeles so that means she goes by her last name only. Her current mission is to shape her hair into a short, tight, and neat as a pin fro’ influenced by the hairdo her onscreen idol Pam Grier rocked in the 70s. Training of her coils is often conducted in hostile, denied, or politically sensitive environments requiring expertise and/or a high degree of frizz risk. Look for her and her hair at Second City Hollywood with House Improv Team Desperados, every other Monday with Westside Comedy Theater House Improv Team Dallas Liars Club, or at Randy’s Donuts.  Link: @TalleyTals

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