About IiA

Improv in Action’s purpose is to close the gaps that exist in many improv communities around the globe. Some communities have no improv teacher/leader but wish to get something started. Others have improv in their city but wish to grow their understanding of improv theory and technique. To help this IiA creates podcasts, videos and books to help improvisers digest improv theory, get the basics “into the muscles” and master more advanced improv technique. If you like what we are about please visit our patreon page and become a patron!


Jim Karwisch

Jim Karwisch has been studying improvisation and theatre since he was a child. He studied at IO Chicago under T.J. Jagodowski, Miles Stroth, Craig Cackowski, Bob Dassie, Charna Halpern, Liz Allen, Christina Gausas, Jon Lutz and more. He has been teaching improvisation since 2000.

From 2001 to 2011, Jim founded and ran an improv training company called Jackpie Improv Comedy in Atlanta, GA.

By day he is a facilitator and coach at DuMore Improv, an activity and experience based soft skills training company.


Sebastian Ruf

Sebastian Ruf is an improvisor and official smart person in training (PhD student) based in Atlanta, GA. Sebastian has been improvising since January 2013 and teaching since 2015, both in the US and in Saudi Arabia. Sebastian focuses on bringing silence and physicality to the stage while in pursuit of bringing true play to his scenework.

He performs as part of Two Scoops, Please! a house team at Highwire Comedy Company and with Jim Karwisch as Crooked People.