S1E2 Your Secrets Safe With Gus – Dinner with Jessica

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in which Gus, Chester, and Viola have dinner with their Gus’ girlfriend Jessica.

Chester was played by Sebastian Ruf. Viola was played by Savannah Rose Scaffe. Jessica was played by Lucy Meadows. and Gus was played by Jim Karwisch. Background music was performed by Gospel of Mars. Here more of their music at https://gospelofmars.bandcamp.com/

Introduction: “My name is Augustus Galilei and I was the world’s most powerful superhero. So powerful in fact that in 2001 I was asked by world leaders to “retire” and live out the rest of my days where I was less of a threat to civilization. Now I spend my time with an android named Chester and my daughter Viola in my underground facility… helping friends in need and doing a terrible job of staying out of trouble.”


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