The Virtual Improv Dojo – Tuesdays at 7pm EST

The Virtual Improv Dojo – Tuesdays at 7pm EST

From the minds of Jim Karwisch and Sebastian Ruf, hosts of the Improv in Action Podcast, creators of The Atlanta Improv Dojo, and co-authors of the upcoming love letter to improv “Mindfulness and Mastery” comes The Virtual Improv Dojo.

Register for the workshop here: 

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

This workshop is donation only. If your employment is impacted by COVID-19, we ask that you not donate. Donations can be any amount and should go to on paypal, or @karwisch on Venmo.

What you need:

  • A laptop with internet connection, microphone, and speakers.
  • Enough room around your laptop to stand and stretch
  • Be prepared to use the Zoom conferencing system
  • Make sure to register ahead of time so you don’t miss the first few minutes

How it works:

  • The room will open at 6:45pm EST for people to chit chat and catch up
  • At the top of the session at 7:00pm EST we will experience a specialized warm up and focus time called “the flow” which will help each individual prepare to be present and supportive during the workshop.
  • Following this will be a lecture-ette on a specific topic that will influence the scene-work for that night.
  • We will then send attendees into breakout rooms with one other improviser where they will do a warm-up scene. This will be repeated three times (for a total of three scenes.)
  • For the second half of the workshop we will break into three groups:
    • Foundations with Jim Karwisch
    • Intermediate with Ben Hirsch and Lucas Isbill
    • Advanced with Sebastian Ruf
  • At the end we will all re-join the large group again where we will have time for feedback, questions, and showing your pet (real or stuffed animal are all welcome at this time.)


Jim Karwisch is an improviser known for solo and duo work as well as his use of emotion and physicality in his scenework. Jim studied Long-form Improvisation under T.J. Jagodowski, Bob Dassie, Noah Gregoraopolis, Miles Stroth, Susan Messing, Christina Gausas, John Lutz, Jason Chin, Charna Halpern and more. He founded and ran the JaCKPie Theatre Workshop from 2001 until 2011 which helped to pave the way for long-form improv in Atlanta GA. He created and played Gus on the improvised story podcast Your Secret’s Safe With Gus. Jim now works for DuMore Improv where he is a Leadership Trainer and Coach.

Sebastian Ruf is an improvisor based in Boston, MA, known for a combination of serious emotional scene work and sheer dumb joy. He’s studied iO, Annoyance, Bay Area Theater Sports, Village Theater and Highwire Comedy Co. He plays with Believable Puppets (an ImprovBoston Indie Exposure team) and his solo show, Party of One. His goal as an instructor is to help students realize the boundless potential of improv and to find what’s truly the most fun for them. Oh I guess if you want dates, I’ve been improvising since beginning of 2013 and coaching/teaching since 2015

Lucas Isbill is a half of the 2019 Atlanta Improv Battle winning duo, Tipping Point, and main cast member of Your Secret’s Safe with Gus. You can hear Lucas as Chris in his first appearance on the show in Season 1, Episode 5 – Meet Chris. Lucas began his improv education after founding his high school improv troupe in the Fall of 2013. From there, he and a fellow classmate began to teach themselves longform improv until they went off to separate colleges the following year. Lucas went to the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he became a member of their resident improv troupe, Let’s Try This! A year and a half later, Lucas became the leader of the troupe and a member of their College Improv Tournament team, which went on to win the South Regional. Lucas is now a member of the Thursday House Company at Village Theatre, which has weekly shows at 8 PM. Tipping Point also performs at the Village Theatre now. If you’re interested in seeing them, check out for more info.