Episode 010.5 – Side Support Part Two

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Part two – Sebastian and Jim dive into side support concepts and wrangle with how energy and focus are affected by edits.

Jim’s Definition of Side Support
Side support is an action made by someone who is not currently a part of the scene. This action has the goal of heightening the scene, clarifying the scene, or both.

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A Few Examples of Side Support:
– Offstage Noises
– External voices
– Scene Painting
– Walk on Characters
– Physicalizing environment
– Thoughts in someone’s head
– Anthropomorphizing an animal
– Moving through time

– Sometimes the best thing you can do for a scene is edit
– Sometimes the best thing you can do for a scene is side support
– Sometimes the best thing you can do for a scene is to leave it alone

Ill-conceived side support:
– Distracting object work or environment
– Anything that removes nuance
– Anything that removes emotion
– Anything that nullifies the tension
– Countdown clocks that are too long
– Countdown clocks that are too short

Editing vs Coming into scene:
– Edits = Over the energy
– SS = Under the energy

Sensitivity settings
– Team’s sensitivity is set before the show
– lack sensitivity and you miss edits
– too sensitive and side support is not possible

– To Heighten
– To Clarify
– Both

– Lack of ego
– Sense of Responsibility
– Nuance

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