The Improv in Action Network exists to explore improv at play in the world. It answers questions like…

  • How can improv help unify and unite individuals that might normally be ignorant and fearful of one another?
  • Can we achieve pure play in improvisation by reducing our self judgement and fear, while increasing our mindfulness and precision?
  • How do the practices of Tai Chi, Meditation, and Radical Acceptance connect with and inspire the art of improvisation?
  • Can we make a better user experience by utilizing improvisation to train UX professionals?
  • Can improvisation promote empathy, compassion, understanding, and equality for people who identify as immigrants, LGBTQ+, and others who do not feel equal, understood, or connected?
  • Can professional sounding and high quality content be created solely from Improvisation?
  • Can improvisation help medical professionals to work better with their patients and avoid burnout?

The Improv in Action Network was created from the interlinking projects from Mike Gorgone, Jim Karwisch, and Sebastian Ruf. Mike Gorgone and Jim Karwisch created ImprovUX, an approach to User Experience by applying improvisation to behaviors and skillsets. Sebastian Ruf and Jim Karwisch created The Atlanta Improv Dojo, The Improv in Action Podcast, and the upcoming book “Finding Pure Play: Mindfulness and Mastery in Improv”.