About Jim

Jim Karwisch is a Soft Skills Trainer and Chief Innovation Officer at DuMore Improv in Atlanta GA. DuMore uses Improvisation to teach team members better listening, acceptance, and collaboration, Emotional Intelligence and other Soft Skills. http://www.dumoreimprov.com

As a coach, Jim works virtually with individuals on their life goals and how to apply improvisational thinking to remove obstacles and improve their relationships. https://karwisch.youcanbook.me/

Jim is also co-creator and teacher at ImprovInAction. IiA helps to fill knowledge gaps for those around the world who do not have access to needed improv resources. http://www.improvinaction.com

Jim is a Co-founder, Speaker and Trainer for ImprovUX which is a series of talks and workshops to help UX Practitioners strengthen relationship connections with their clients and users. http://www.improvux.com

He is also a Writer, currently working on Only Lift Up which is a social experiment in Improv thinking for a better and kinder world. http://www.onlyliftup.com